At MISS FOX, we believe that your visits to us should leave as little negative impact on human and animal rights, and to our planet, as possible. We're certainly not perfect, but we are constantly trialling new products and new ways of delivering beautiful experiences that are more sustainable and ethical. We currently offer the following "vegan-friendly" menu options* **

*Please note than some refreshments (champagne and/or macarons) are not vegan. Please advise your personal needs when booking treatments so we can adjust further wherever possible to suit you. 

**Please note MISS FOX contains some non-vegan furniture/fittings such as leathers and taxidermy.


Manicures with Kester Black Polish

Pedicures with Kester Black Polish

Spa Pedicures with Kester Black Polish

Manicures with Biosculpture Gel

Pedicures with Biosculpture Gel

A Moment of Clarity Awaken Spa Ritual

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

Coconut Melt Body Massage

Detox Massage with Body Brushing

Detoxifying Mineral Salt Scrub

Coconut Sugar Body Polish

Detox Body Wrap

Soothing Body Wrap