Our Awaken Rituals deliver the most magical day spa experience - bespoke sensory journeys combining beautiful amenities, intuitive treatment customisations, caring therapists, and the purest organic essential oils, natural gemstones, and botanically-based skin and body care. Restore balance, peace and happiness to the body, mind and spirit with beautiful therapies, designed to make you look and feel amazing.



Using the finest certified organic Camellia Seed body oil, blended with potent organic essential oils blends, this luxurious spa ritual commences with a clarifying foot bath and foot exfoliation using our aromatic Coconut Sugar scrub and organic bubble bath. In your private spa room, a warm full body massage with a custom-blended aromatherapy oil relaxes and indulges - ideal for generating energy in tired bodies. A relaxing Touch Facial to leave your skin with a radiant glow, and a glass of Champagne in our Emerald Lounge completes your uplifting journey.

Foot Bath & Scrub / Body Massage 60 mins / Touch Facial 30 mins
2hrs $350 with artisan teas and Champagne



Treat your body and senses to an utterly dreamy spa experience, featuring our beautiful Coconut Melt body massage. This head to toe treatment encapsulates ancient beauty secrets for youthful, radiant skin and inner wellbeing. Begin with a luxurious and aromatic exfoliation and bath for your feet with organic bubbles and coconut sugar scrub, to clarify and open up energy flow. Melt into a heavenly full body massage using an aromatic and highly-nourishing organic cold pressed Coconut Oil. Your face will then be treated to a revitalising and rejuvenating Aromatherapy Spa Facial to leave you feeling radiant and energy flowing from base to crown. A glass of Champagne and relaxation time in our lounge complete this special journey.

Foot Bath & Scrub / Full Body Massage 60 mins / Spa Facial 60 mins
2.5 hrs $410 with artisan teas and Champagne



This balancing, slimming and detoxifying body ritual is our most corrective, for those with a results-driven focus. After a clarifying foot soak ritual in our Emerald Lounge, enter a space of peace in your private spa suite. begin on a heated bed for a stimulating mineral scrub with Pink Himalayan salts to uplift your senses and induce circulation and lymphatic drainage. Follow with a deeply cleansing white clay mask to purify skin and stimulate blood flow. An aromatic scalp massage with a nourishing and stimulating hair oil helps clear the mind and opens both energy flow and sinuses. Relax muscles in a beautiful detox bath designed to draw out impurities and soak in the aromas and benefits of organic essential oils, sea salts and epsom salts. A personalised freestyle body massage allows your body to cleanse and drain deeply with a hand-chosen blend of stimulating plant oils to heal and rejuvenate. 

Foot Bath / Body Polish / Body Mask / Scalp Massage / Full Bath / Full Body Massage 60 mins
2.75 hours $495 with artisan teas.



An opulent spa ritual featuring the natural beauty and healing properties of real roses and organic essential oils. Relax on a luxurious warm bed of fresh rose petals and let their scent and softness relax body and mind. Enjoy a gentle all-over exfoliation with our delicious MISS FOX Coconut Sugar Body Polish to leave skin wonderfully smooth and supple. Cocooned in warm towels, enjoy a healing and rejuvenating Touch facial using a customised face oil and mask, whilst the petals and organic oils infuse and heal skin. Step into a magnificent rose petal adorned Coconut milk bath in our silver roll-top soaking tub to cleanse and soften from top to toe. Return to a warm bed of 1000-count Egyptian sheets and experience our decadent and rejuvenating Divine Rose Balm full body massage. Champagne, fresh strawberries, French macarons and artisan teas await you at the journey’s end.

Foot Bath / Body Polish / Rose Petal Mask / Touch Facial 30m / Full Bath / Full Body Massage 60m / Champagne
3.25 hours $640 with Champagne, Strawberries and Macarons (Gluten Free), and organic teas.



This supreme ritual lets the energy of organic aromatherapy oils indulge your body and restore balance to mind and soul. Begin with a ritual foot bath and polish to ground and centre. In your spa suite, enjoy an all-over exfoliation with lavish Coconut Sugar Body Polish to leave your skin aromatic and radiant. After the application of a customised warm white clay body mask, a moisture-rich hair oil nourishes and relaxes the scalp during a Precious Mind scalp massage*. Step into our opulent slipper bath overflowing with deliciously scented organic bubbles to purify and pamper skin. Continue on your path to renewal with a tailored full body Aromatherapy Massage and Touch Facial to instil total relaxation using essential oil and gemstone-infused organic body oils. Enjoy a vital spa lunch in our lounge, and finish your journey with a luxury Spa Pedicure. *Prefer to leave with clean hair? Swap the scalp massage for a foot massage, or extra massage time for your upper or lower body.

Foot Bath / Body Polish / Body Mask / Scalp Massage / Full Bath / Full Body Massage 60m / Touch Facial 30m / Spa Pedicure 60m
4.75 hours $850 with organic teas, Champagne and Pressed Juices Spa Lunch (Vegan/Gluten Free)



Enter a world of wellbeing and relaxation with the ultimate all-day luxury spa experience. Start with a gentle foot bath and foot polish with organic bubble bath and coconut sugar scrub to cleanse and centre you for treatment. In your treatment room, full-body exfoliation will leave your skin soft and glowing. Relax whilst being cocooned in an aromatic and deeply calming white clay body mask, and enjoy a blissful scalp massage with nourishing hair oils and scalp massage to melt away tension. Continue your journey with an opulent Coconut Milk and Rose Petal bath in our magnificent soaking tub, then lie back and enjoy our signature full body Aromatherapy Massage and Touch Facial tailored to your needs featuring organic essential oils. Enjoy a fresh spa lunch from Pressed Juices, and as much Champagne as you like! To finish your spa journey, enjoy with a luxury Spa Pedicure. A glowing professional makeup application and expert wash and blow dry* sends you off looking positively radiant. *Your blow dry will be booked with one of our partner salons, Zucci Hair at David Jones.

Foot Bath & Scrub / Body Polish / Body Mask  / Scalp Massage / Full Bath  / Full Body Massage 60m / Touch Facial 30m / Spa Pedicure 60m  / Full Makeup / Professional Blow Dry at Zucci Hair
6.25 hours $1050 with artisan teas, UNLIMITED French Champagne for one, and Pressed Juices Spa Lunch (Vegan/Gluten Free)


Although the above rituals are available as set, should you wish to create your own customised ritual, please ask our reception for guidance. All allergies and sensitivities will be catered to where possible, please advise our reception in advance so that we may prepare alternatives. Please notify us in advance in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.