Impeccable style, exceptional service, and a touch of magic define the MISS FOX experience. MISS FOX is an award-winning urban day spa, clinic and beauty salon, located in the heart of Melbourne. A distinctive three-level destination, with seven sophisticated treatment rooms, two plush relaxation areas, private wellness consultation rooms, an extensive grooming lounge and sumptuous Champagne bar, MISS FOX is a haven for relaxation, rejuvenation and reinvention.

Luxury grooming and wellness treatments span three categories — the creative SALON, where guests can enjoy external beautification from head to toe, the elegant DAY SPA featuring precious organic, crystal and mineral therapies to deeply enhance wellbeing, and the CLINIC offering high-tech medical-aesthetic treatments that deliver permanent (and life-changing) results.

At MISS FOX, we believe beauty comes from taking time to connect with yourself — body, mind and spirit. We create beautiful self-care experiences through luxuriously delivered therapies, spanning beauty, skin, spa, hair and health. Enjoy 5-Star customer service, a gorgeous spa environment, caring staff and a stunning menu of grooming, therapeutic and cosmetic treatments, mindfully selected and carefully combined to deliver the ultimate in inner and outer beauty.

Top it all off with a Champagne Bar, and you'll be sure to feel the love at MISS FOX. 



MISS FOX is an independent, Melbourne-made and female-owned concept Spa. Owner, Victoria Fox, founded MISS FOX after seeing the gap in the quality experience. She created an urban beauty wonderland based on the following values:

  • A deep element of care, love and connection — with the guest, the service being provided, the products being used and the design of the entire beauty experience.
  • A brand that thinks differently in every way — with an innovative, inspiring and creative take on all things beauty, spa and wellness.
  • An extra special, luxurious 5-star experience — where style, elegance and charm come together for truly magical moments.
  • Safety, Health and Hygiene always come first — we only proceed when it is safe to do so. People before profits.
  • A Positive take on the beauty industry — Mindset, messaging and marketing to uplift and empower. Instilling confidence not fear.
  • Holistic Service — Treating body, mind and spirit, and recognising all is connected.
I see the beauty industry as a powerful platform for transformation, on so many levels. My mission is to use beauty therapy to help people cultivate a more positive and caring relationship with themselves — and in turn, have a more positive influence on the world around them. 
I believe that self-care is a sacred act — so why not make it the most brilliantly beautiful experience possible? That's why at MISS FOX, everything we offer has been carefully thought-out, trialled, designed, refined and meditated on, so that there's beauty in everything, magic in the detail, and love weaved in each step of the way."
―Victoria Fox




“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  ―Carl Jung

It is only natural that MISS FOX would evolve since it first opened its doors in early 2010. We continue to grow and expand our way of thinking and being, taking steps towards being the best we can be, as a brand, business, team and community. 

What started as luxe wonderland of spectacular beauty and grooming services has matured into a cool, caring and conscious collective with a desire to cultivate inner beauty and self love, as well as creating positive change within the beauty industry.

We've slowly refined our service to offer you more planet-friendly, more body-positive, more socially-conscious and more inspiring services and stories, whilst still maintaining our luxury feel and exceptional standards.

From the suppliers and brands we've chosen work with, to the team that serves you, and through embedding giving into everything we do, we're excited to have you on this journey to a better us and a brilliant you.