From our Director


In holistic philosophy you will hear about a mind-body-spirit or mind-body-soul approach. But what is the spirit, and what is the soul?

At MISS FOX we use the term “spirit” and “soul” interchangeably to keep things simple. The soul is not a mythical being, nor is it a new age or religious concept. 

The soul is the essence of who you really are — beyond your body, beyond your circumstances, beyond the stories we tell ourselves and are told, beyond the thoughts and feelings we have, beyond our personalities. 

The soul is the centre of your being, your core consciousness. And what is consciousness? It simply means your awareness — such as how many colours and sounds you can perceive, how much emotion you feel, how deeply you connect with people, or even how much of your potential you are realising.

Your soul is the part of your being that is connected to the Universal consciousness. Think of it as the wise, inner part of you, that is connected to something bigger than you. Some people refer to the soul as the Higher Self. It is the “Best” version of yourself as it is the part that is all knowing, and all loving, connected to the wisdom of everything else that exists in the Universe.

If you have ever received support or guidance from a loving little voice within, this is your soul. It is that part of you that seems to know what to do, which direction to take, what you must learn from every lesson, and what you need to experience so that you can understand and grow.

Perhaps you have not connected with your soul, or feel like you don’t have one, or that you aren’t able to receive guidance from it. Your soul has always existed and always will. If you wish to connect with it, it is there to support you on your journey, align you with your true self, and guide you to your destiny. 

When your words, actions, behaviours and intentions are aligned with your soul’s path, things can more naturally and easily unfold in a state of flow, filled with more meaning, purpose and love. You do have free will to go against your soul, or even deny its existence, though in these cases life might feel as if you are swimming “upstream” or against the current.

Through alignment with your truth, through love, through creative expression and service, the soul “evolves” and your consciousness or awareness can expand. This is the  evolutionary journey of the soul and its purpose in our life. The more connected you are to the soul, the more connected you are to the field of infinite possibilities, your greater purpose, and a more fulfilling experience of regular life.

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I’ll leave you with a beautiful definition of the Soul that made Oprah cry: