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Yes, men should regularly get manicures' says @executivestyleau who interviewed our in-house grooming guru Miss Daniela Ghinami on men's nail and beauty care. "Getting a manicure is not something you should feel you can't talk to your friends about," said Miss Ghinami. "It's like showering or shaving. It's not frivolous or vain; it's actually something you do to feel and look good"...

 "You're not putting on fancy colours or wearing nail polish - it's also about general maintenance. Having soft hands, not rough, when your touching your partner is a preference for most people. Guys get calluses and rough skin – I don't don't want it to feel like a scrub when you caress my face"...

So why not join the ranks of men enjoying the confidence and swagger that comes from owning two hands of immaculate nails? You never know, it could mean the difference between securing that lucrative new partnership or simply nailing that first impression on your next date. That pun was definitely intended.

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