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This Winter, nail colours are going to pop and shimmer ‘til there’s buds on the trees again.

Winter, you cosy little minx, you. We love your snuggly ways. But this year we’re not hibernating. 2018’s Winter nail colours are bringing the fun. Kester Black's 2018 Winter edit is the cure for drab days. Because who wants to fade into the chilly, gray backdrop? This Winter, nail colours are going to pop and shimmer ‘til there’s buds on the trees again. Bring on the velvety textures, teddy bear jackets, and sparkling metallics. Winter, we are ready for you.

2018’s winning Winter nail colours

Brazilian - Nothing says ‘I’m not even doing Winter this year’ like Brazilian. This cocoa coloured polish warms up your nails without sacrificing any of the chic. Pair it with classic trenches and warm, neutral coats. Or go bold with leopard print. Go on. Do it.

Nude - Are you brazen enough to go Nude in Winter? Of course you are. This translucent nude ticks all the neutral nail polish boxes. It’s also the best buddy of pale teddy bear jackets, oversized knits, and steamy cups of tea.

Dasher - Noone slows this girl down. Dasher is the disco queen in a sea of wannabe’s. Glittery gold banishes any winter blues. Wear it with matching metallics and bust out your best moves.

Forest - Protector of the forest or fashionista? This matte, emerald green has just the right amount of Bambi meets McQueen for everyone. Pair it with deep green velvet because it looks goddamn amazing.

Pinot Noir - Everyone knows the best way to keep warm in Winter is with a big glass of red. And now there’s a Pinot Noir that will never give you a hangover. Our burnt red polish looks Winter fabulous paired with a cute pinafore and shiny shoes.

Raspberry - Meet your secret weapon this Winter. Raspberry fights the crimes of drab seasonal palettes and boring colour pretending to be ‘sophisticated’. Go big with Raspberry and pair it with matching statement jackets.

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Melbourne's own Kester Black are MISS FOX's choice for beautiful manicures and pedicures that are good for you as well as the planet.

Kester Black are more than just a nail polish company. They're a group of creatives with pretty substantial ethical standards. Kester Black products are Australian-made and have Vegan Society, Choose Cruelty Free and Cruelty Free International accreditation. They source the highest quality ingredients to produce a range of ethically considered and manufactured nail polishes. Their high shine, chip-resistant nail polish follows the “Five Free Formula” meaning it contains no toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor.

Kester Black believe that consumers have a moral obligation to make mindful purchases: giving back, buying from and donating to as many causes as finances will allow. The team at Kester Black know it’s not always easy to make the time to donate to charities, so as part of their new giving-back initiative, they donate $1 from every purchase made to one of their carefully selected charity partners. So when you enjoy a Kester Black nail service at MISS FOX, you're also helping support Animals Asia, Bush Heritage Australia, Water Aid and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. This is in addition to the projects MISS FOX supports through our own giving through B1G1. Yay!

To read more about Kester Black services at MISS FOX visit our NAILS menu here