Beauty Tips, Hair Tips


We spoke to our Principal Stylist and hairdressing guru Chris Gjergjevica about the hair trends for the season, and here’s some super-current hair-gold he had to share: 

“For the rest of Summer and moving in to Autumn, hair styles are very definite. It’s all or nothing for length, colour and styling. 

The length of the moment is short and blunt, so it’s a great time to let go of wispy lengths and even things up. Choppy, shoulder-length styles with little to no layering are very fresh right now. 

The colour of the moment is blocked. Single block colour is favoured over feathered or soft highlights. Choose a colour, like a rich brown or clean blonde, and commit to it fully. Warm colours are winning our over cool, and and beige is in for blondes. Muted tones versus brights give a sophisticated, effortless look for all. If you are wanting to try a new tone or even a creative pastel, speak to your stylist about “colour chemistry” to select a shade that works to complement your natural colouring. Just like a lipstick or blush, not all shades will flatter all complexions. Get professional advice on what kind of colour will enhance your skin, eyes, brows and even teeth.

Deep parting, to the centre or to the side, is a chic and current way to wear your locks, and when it comes to styling, go for dead straight hair or more defined waves - nothing in between! Use a high-quality straightening iron or wrap-around barrel curler for sleek styling, but be sure to use a low setting to protect hair health. You are welcome to "messy" things up a little, but be sure to keep the wave structure intact. 

I'm also loving natural movement on the hairline - no need to blast or iron away those beautiful natural waves or curves around the face or your baby hairs. Let them be and enjoy the playfulness and softness they bring to the face.

This is also the era of home treatments! Just like a weekly face mask or body scrub, your hair needs regular love from a high quality, professionally-prescribed home treatment. Ask your stylist to recommend something just for you. At MISS FOX our guests love their Olaplex No. 3 take-home Hair Perfector treatment, which is the perfect compliment to our professional Olaplex salon treatment, but can also give brilliant strengthening to damaged or coloured hair as a standalone product. For real spa-style indulgence, try a Kevin Murphy treatment mask, a high-performance botanically based salon-only product with delicious scents to take you to hair heaven.

Most importantly, really get to know your hair, and love your hair. Care for it like you would any other body part, find out what works for you and learn how to do your own hair. After all, the hair you love is the hair you’ll embrace".

To complement our ever-popular MISS FOX Makeup Tutorials, we’re now offering 1-1 Hair Tutorials with Chris so you can have the ultimate helping-hand to style, care for and love your hair just that little bit more. From blow drying to waving, detoxing and de-frizzing, or the ever-elusive messy topknot or bun, Chris will customise a lesson to suit you and your hair. Bring a friend for the ultimate girls style session! For bookings call 1300 MISS FOX [1300647736]