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When I started MISS FOX, holistic philosophy wasn’t front of mind — in fact I thought holistic just meant burning incense and dinging bells at the end of your massage, and I wasn’t that into either either of those things. I was into offering people a great time.

I was intent on creating something that maintained an extremely high quality and service standard, and was beautiful to look at and experience. Why quality and service? Because I was fussy, and I’d been inspired by some really great service experiences all over the world (and some really terrible ones). Why beautiful? Because how things look and feel is part of the fun.

So, what does holistic actually mean? A holistic approach recognises that the mind, body, spirit and emotions are all intrinsically linked and must be treated as a whole for optimal well being. Nothing occurs in isolation, everything in our life is interconnected. Therefore, one activity in one area of our life will affect all other areas. Looking after one part treats the others, and by the same token, not looking after one part affects the others.

Holistic takes into account the physical, social, mental, spiritual, environmental and emotional aspects of life and considers them when providing a service or solution.

Holistic isn’t just about balance. You can’t do great in one area expect it to correct or compensate for another area. In order to be considered "well," it is imperative for none of these areas to be neglected.

Holistic is not something limited to the wellbeing industry or your personal health either — it is a philosophy that steps back and focuses on the “big picture” to bring better health and life force to any situation. Whether it be a corporate organisation, your family ecosystem, or your own self care, you can apply and practice a holistic philosophy with almost anything to optimise it's wellbeing and performance.

Let’s explore interconnectedness: You might have experienced damage to your gut after a round of antibiotics, and felt how that affected your digestion, and then your mood. You might have changed jobs or offices (or gone on vacation) and suddenly your anxiety and neck pain went away. You might have seen how emotional stress and lack of sleep shows up as dryness or dullness on your skin. Or, you may have been surprised that after you started journalling daily, you began sleeping better, and when you began sleeping better, your immune system improved. This is the interconnected nature of all things, and this is the power of holistic solutions.

At MISS FOX, our menu is designed to subtly and elegantly lift and nourish the spirit, the mind, the emotions and the body at the same time. This means that we address the business of your self care with reference to the whole belief and whole vision. So how does that manifest in a practical way? We only offer treatments, products, quantities and services that make a positive contribution to the whole, and don’t cause damage the ecosystem. 

When it comes to skincare, holistic philosophy really shines — and shines a light on the backwards nature of most modern beauty therapies. Holistic means that we don’t damage the skin to get a result. Rather than wounding the skin, which causes inflammation, and over time weakens it, holistically-based therapy makes skin stronger and healthier so it can naturally look its best. 

Here’s a thought: If you were wishing to take care of a damaged liver or a kidney, would you poke hundreds of tiny needles into it, pour acid over it, or sandpaper it hundreds of times — not forgetting to look at it every day and sigh and tell it how bad it is? Yet as an industry and individually, we do this all the time to our skin, the largest organ of the body.

When you create the optimum conditions by nourishing, feeding, nurturing and loving the skin, you allow nature to do what it does best: thrive, be sustainable and be beautiful beyond anything we can manufacture. 

Where else are you taking an isolated or ineffective approach to wellbeing? When you stop taking a small picture approach of treating symptoms in isolation and move towards seeing an overall vision for health, things become simpler. Though we’ve essentially always practiced a holistic strategy in our own special and luxurious MISS FOX way, we truly consider treating you as a whole person now more than ever before. Have you seen our new offerings of holistic skin analysis, counselling, life coaching, energy healing and naturopathy? Have you noticed that everything we offer is non-invasive? Have you noticed that we largely work with organic and botanically-based products? Have you felt the healing energy of our staff and space? Have you felt the joy of giving through our partnership with B1G1?

There is method to everything that is, that isn’t, or has been removed from our menu and space, and it’s coming from a deep reverence, fascination and love for the interconnectedness of all things, and a more loving approach to life.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to take to your own holistic philosophy to improve your life. Start with improving your self care. Not sure where to focus? I’ve created a Holistic Self Care quiz right here to get you thinking and get your started.

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It has become evident that many women (adolescents and young girls) are feeling significant pressure to be seen to be living a perfect existence. This I believe is due, in part, to the rise and rise of all things social media, where it has become commonplace to see the 'good highly stylised life' rather than the 'mundane & unedited real life'. What concerns me further, is this influence is all many of the new generation of young women know, and live by.  

I certainly understand this pressure. I recall some years back when social media became the new thing, trying to follow the glitzy articles, blogs or posts. Getting dragged into a new form of meditation, venturing to the gym to experience some new yoga craze, jumping on the gluten-free, vegan-free, life-free bandwagon. Just kidding myself that I was actually achieving something - anything - motivational by watching self help documentaries on youtube all day... And yet all of this did not budge that miserable space, a space that saw me comparing everything I had 'not' achieved to the photos and blogs of all those amazing tanned and stylish women who 'had'.

To add insult to injury I often felt even more hopeless given I had all these amazing tools literally at my finger tips that I should be drawing upon and learning from, (and lets not forget the bling bling photos of everyone else getting it right in wondrous parts of the world) and i just could not.  Worse still, I suffered in this space (behind my screen) all alone.

After some honest reflection it finally occurred to me that most of what we see and read on social media is not real, and over the years since then it has remained mostly the same, only now we are bombarded with way more content, way more 'paid' influencers and way more subtle advertising! For all the blessings that technology has provided us, it has also left us feeling, ironically,  less connected, more detached and way more self-critical than ever before.  

A further irony is the most important tool I had overlooked throughout my soul searching was the act of actually reaching out to another human being, to genuinely and physically connect with someone on a tangible level (the old-school way I like to call it).  And to be honest with them (and myself) about how I was feeling and/or struggling. What followed allowed me to learn more about self compassion, the power of being me and to never compare who I am with another.   

I also decided that it was OK to leave my phone and all its distractions at home and to choose who \I follow based more on shared values and vision than anything else.  


Brooke Cefai is a Counsellor & Wellbeing Facilitator who specialises in strengthening and empowering women's emotional and spiritual health. Brooke is extremely passionate about helping women re-connect with themselves & individual life stories, stories that are too often kept silenced. Brooke offers counselling and healing services at MISS FOX and online. To read more about Brooke's services, and to make a booking visit her page.