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Presiding over this months Full Moon is the highly mystical and creative water sign Pisces. 

Emotionally empathic, Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune who governs our dreams, daydreams, mysticism, intuition, healing and creativity. 

This month’s Piscean Full Moon, in the heavens is connecting to it’s own ruler; the planet Neptune, who also rules unconditional love. 

Greatly magnifying the importance of exploring and trusting our own experience of “the mystical way of the heart”. 

Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, this Full Moon symbolises a circle being completed in our lives. Their is a more profound crone wisdom that comes at the end of this cycle. A time when we are stepping into a new reality, we our reborn to a new dawn. 

Rather than being a sign  of it’s own flavour, Pisces is a synthesis of the previous eleven zodiac signs, much like a rainbow. This is symbolic of healing, love, tantra and bridging all boundaries. 

This months shift is supported by a rare and auspicious pattern that the Full Moon is making with other planets, know as a “Mystic Rectangle”. 

This configuration of planets highly complements this stage of personal evolution and spiritual enquiry. 

The Piscean moonbeams invite us to draw on our faith and step forth into the light by dissolving boundaries, letting go of the past. 

Blessing us with healing and the opportunity to develop a greater sense of harmony and balance in our life. 

This is something we experience at a deeper more spiritual level as Pisces is connected to the higher self, with our spiritual truth leading us. 

Release, merger, forgiveness, acceptance, healing, divine union and unconditional love are all pearls bestowed to us under Neptune’s gaze.

Allowing ourself to float away into daydreams, exploring symbols we see in our dreams at night, seeking guidance through divination, tantric unions, opening up to creativity and spending time in nature particularly by water, are all wonderful way embrace this months Moon.

Much luna love, Natta
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📸: via the extraordinary Sabrina Kaici