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Introducing a dear friend of MISS FOX: Neha Hobson.
Neha is an accomplished industry talent and entrepreneur, she is followed online by hundreds of thousands for her makeup trends, skincare tips, inner beauty routines, business hacks and product reviews. Neha recently hosted our Makeup Masterclass on Day to Night Glam tips and tricks. As beauty truly is from within, Neha shares her insights on how to look beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

I often get asked why Beauty By Neha is so focused on Inner Beauty and why I’m so passionate about it. In a nutshell, I believe that real beauty is directly linked to real success. It can never be isolated to something as superficial as good looks; it has to be more than skin-deep, and should be cultivated with every passing year of our lives.

Good looks are shallow and lacking if there is nothing else to compliment them and give them substance. So how do we develop and enhance our beauty from within?

Establish a Morning Routine that creates Motivation and Inspiration

When you wake up, your body is dehydrated and your cortisol (i.e. stress level) is at its peak. So what you devote your energy to from the get-go can set the tone for the rest of your day. I like to have 2 glasses of warm water, followed by a glass of warm water that has a pinch of pink salt and fresh lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) in it. This replenishes the minerals in the body and helps with hydration and digestion.

I’m a huge coffee lover, so I then have a cup of bulletproof or freshly brewed coffee with almond milk. I like to make my bed, tidy up my surroundings, grab my coffee, and go into my backyard where I can breathe in the fresh air. I pray and meditate here for a few minutes and think about all the things I’m grateful for. I pray for the people and things that are important to me. Most mornings this is followed by some kind of exercise – either an hour at the gym or a half an hour to an hour walk on the beach near my house with a podcast.

I avoid social media for at least the first hour upon waking up. We all know social media can be toxic, but if you’re like me and your business is heavily linked to your Instagram account for example, then it’s hard not to want to check it upon waking. The way I have shifted my perspective recently on this though, is by asking myself, “will it control me, or will I be in control of what I expose myself to and when?”

This way, I’m not pulled into everyone else’s life and agenda online upon waking up. I choose when to engage and how to engage on my own terms, and choose to prioritise more meaningful and important things beforehand. I found that this habit has benefited my mental and emotional health greatly.

I also love thinking about my targets and goals for the day, how I’m going to achieve them, and set an intention for my day. This includes doing high-value tasks earlier in the day, creating a mental outline of what’s important to me personally and professionally and how I’m going to make sure I get those high priority tasks done ideally before noon.

Whilst multi-tasking is good in some ways (exercising whilst feeding my mind through a podcast or uplifting music), I try to avoid multi-tasking in general, so that I can really be present in the moment and give one task my 100% at a time. This is better for productivity and feeling like you’re achieving things fully as you make your way through the day!

I like to finish off my morning routine with gratitude and affirmations. These can be quietly rehearsed in your mind, prayed or written down. If you’re struggling with something specific, create an affirmation around that topic, and also try journaling your thoughts and ideas to obtain clarity. For example, if you’re out of your comfort zone at work, you could reaffirm: “I know that there is no such things as failure, when all I choose to do is learn and grow.”

Or remind yourself of a time you’ve been out of your depth but still managed to survive and even do well. Then journal some possible solutions.

You’re essentially self-soothing, and rewiring yourself towards healthy and positive beliefs. What we believe, we become. As the famous quote goes, we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. So let’s be great.

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