This month’s Full Moon is in the powerful Earth centred sign of Capricorn. 

Being head strong, in-charge and determined are all attributes highlighted under the mythical half-goat/half-fish. 

The fish channels our mystical creative dreams via the earthy goat, helping bring form to impulse in the material realm. 

The ultimate zodiac sign of manifestation and material wealth, Capricorn always rises to the challenge. Helping us to conjure our wishes into steadfast reality, particularly in relation to; financial/material abundance, prosperity, career advancement, reputation and recognition. 

Ruled by the planet Saturn, this month is all about self-responsibility, ownership and focus. Governing the principle of restriction, Saturn helps up tap into the all important single-pointed laser beam vision required to; get the job done, make the cut, hunt down the opportunity, rise in power and bask in the rewards. 

This months Full Moon being a partial Eclipse, allows us to also review and release. It’s time to cut the sandbags off our hot-air ballon, so as to reach greater heights. 

Capricorn offers us a golden key to self-sovereignty, reminding us we are the sculptures of our own magnificent lives. With sandbags cut and by doing the hard work now, we’ll be soaring fresh sky’s and well on the way to creating our masterpiece. 

Much Luna Love,
Natta XX