This month’s vivacious Sagittarius full moon has much to do with hunting down our bigger dreams, in the context of hopes, wishes and desires.

With the fiery archers arrows constantly poised to take aim at far-flung goals, life can feel sometimes like a constant tour de France. 

Driven by a genuine smorgasbord of divergent passions, we are still reminded not to overlook Sagittarius’s ability to at times over stretch itself. It is far wiser and healthier to keep in mind the importance of balance and the middle path, leading to a greater abundance and a cornucopia of the soul.

Over the next fortnight, this is the time to allow the dreams we have already thrown into the cosmic cooking pot to take shape & form. 

Hold back on the desire to rush hoof first into tomorrow, instead find the stillness within, hold space for the current magick to be weaved into the fertile tapestry of our creation. 

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter is the wise wandering shaman of the Zodiac. In ancient Greek mythology Sagittarius is connected to the centaur Chiron, the wounded healer and teacher. 

Chronic healing is deep, visceral & cathartic. To fully embrace the experience requires complete trust and surrendering to the universe. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable induces the inner alchemy required to harmonise our subconscious and conscious selves.

Being a transpersonal sign, the Archer brings up situations, values and beliefs that are bigger than just us. The Archers arrow point to our evolution being as much about others as it is about ourselves. This is the butterfly effect in action, for the greater good we are called to raise our own personal bar and lead by example.

This full moon is the perfect time to get active, be proactive, spend time in nature, build up a sweat, cozy up with animal friends, explore new philosophies, go on an adventure, say yes, do hot yoga or have a hot stone massage, all of which are wonderful ways to stoke the Sagittarius fires & blossom. 

Much luna luv Natta x

You can find Natta via @nattajain on Instagram.