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As the warm days dwindle & the darker nights take their place, May greets us with the beautifully transformative Scorpio Full moon. 

Ruled by the planet of rebirth Pluto, Scorpio entices us to explore the hidden mystical realms of our subconcious & search deep within. 

As a Water sign, Scorpio encourages us to be fluid, yet dive deep into the power of self-love, nurturing & intuition. 

Symbolic of spiritual journeying, meditation, dreams, intimacy, divination & ritual, May’s Full Moon is an invitation to lovingly curl up into our cosy nourishing cocoon. 

Through listening to our dreams & imagination; Scorpio helps us re-emerge like a beautiful butterfly, reinventing & rejuvenating ourselves, for life’s next glorious adventure that awaits us. 

Spending time meditating by the Sea, the River, luxuriating in a beautiful candle lite ritual bath, essential oil massages, writing a dream journal, exploring Tarot cards & painting are all perfect ways to partake in this month Luna energy.  

Much luna love Natta x