This month we are blessed with a rare and highly potent Libra Blue Moon, traditionally a symbol of the constant wheel of life; the birth-death-rebirth cycle.

Ruled by Venus the planet of love, this second Libra Full Moon deepens our capacity to give & receive love, whilst encouraging transition, healing and rebalancing. 

This months Full Moon makes connections with Uranus, the planet of liberation & Pluto, the great transformer; the Blue Moon encourages us to take a bold act of “self-love” that acts as a catalyst for the  evolution of “unconditional love”. 

This celestial configuration points towards the need to harmonise the self. For this our heart must experience a profound & cathartic release of that which we once held dear, so that we may live in a state of love more fully.

We see this theme mirrored in the word “Aperire” the Latin origin of the name April; meaning “to open”, symbolic of the budding & flowering of Northern Spring. 

When we open our heart wide, stagnant energy flows out, to make room for the fresh incoming abundant flow of nourishing, loving energy instead. 

For some the combined pulse of a Blue Moon with Uranus & Pluto might seem overwhelming, but it is indeed timely. The new dawn it offers is not only much welcomed by our subconscious, but is in fact a great blessing, as ultimately this Moon is ruled by the Goddess of Love & this month is a celebration of all things Venusian! 

Heralding a great sliding-door moment of the heart, this is also a time of auspicious new meetings & deeper transitions within exisiting relationships, both of which can change the course of our lives. 

Whilst a release of the old is required, authentic connection is also encouraged under the beautiful moonbeams of Libra. 

This can be expressed through personal connections & through engaging in past times that we love. 

Venus ruled Libra, particularly loves the arts and luxury. 

So now is the time to get creative, feel inspired through visiting an art gallery & enjoy pampering yourself. Above all though, it’s the perfect moment to share time with friends & family who we deeply resonate with. 

Much Lunar Love,

Natta xx