This month’s Libra Full Moon on March 21st resets balance after the purifying Virgo energy of the last moon.

It’s a time to positively address life’s cosmic scales — much like the ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat, who weighed peoples hearts against a feather before entering the afterlife. 

The luminous, golden heart-shaped key to this month’s Full Moon is to restore harmony and equilibrium across the board — but particularly in our relationships. 

Libra is ruled by the feminine planet Venus, which connects Libra to love, beauty, harmonious relationships, commitment, equality, peacefulness and synergy. 

To flourish in self-mastery, periods of quiet reflective solitude are of great importance. However, it is then the integration and sharing of illuminations learned through personal meditation, that give rise to the true gift of spiritual alchemy, which is experienced via synergetic union.

Venus is opposite to Aries, who is ruled by masculine Mars. This polarity is activated during the Libra Full Moon, connecting us to the psychological principles of what Jung calls the "Anima & the Animus”. These are complementary archetypes of the internal feminine and masculine energies, that require balancing and integrating as part of our own spiritual development and that of raising the higher consciousness of the greater collective.

Deep, heartfelt, honest connections are what Libra is about. Her scales rule the principles of balance, trust, truth and karma. By setting a tone of high integrity and love, we bask in her glory, our relationships thrive and in turn we experience a deep inner glow like nothing else. 

To connect to the heart of another requires us to hold space, honour the other person’s truth and be present. Most challenging of all though, it requires us to move beyond the barriers our shadow puts up — it requires us to trust the person in front of us, to trust ourselves, and ultimately trust the universe, so that we surrender and open our hearts 💗

Libra is ruled by the element of Air — this governs the breath and connects us to the lungs and olfactory  nerve. When in mediation, oxygen consumption decreases significantly — the deep state of relaxation it helps to create is the perfect environment for doing the profound inner healing work of Libra. Working in ritual mediation with different essential oils, aromatic woods and resins based on their relating magickal astrological correspondences can greatly benefit this further, concentrating the positive healing benefits to where it is needed most. Another way is a through humming and chanting certain sounds and tones related to different astrological sequences. 

If you would like to learn more about your own astrology and how to make the most of the upcoming planetary transits connecting to your personal chart, or you are interested in learning more about astrological healing, you welcome to DM me to book in for a private one-on-one or Skype Astrology/Tarot reading.  

Much Luna Love, Natta Jain @nattajain xxx