Ketosis – The fat breakdown

Ketogenic diets have become a rapidly-growing nutritional tool to get back in control of your body, health and confidence. With so many different diets available on the market, Ketogenic living stands out as a versatile and holistic lifestyle choice. Rather than starving and filling you up with laxatives (looking at you diet teas) ketogenic foods allow for a wide variety of fresh and energising foods. 

Ketogenic lifestyles involve eating minimal carbohydrates, moderate proteins and high amounts of healthy fats to achieve ‘nutritional ketosis.’

This occurs when carbohydrates are restricted for a period of time (usually starting after two or three days), causing your body to increase its ketone levels. Ketones are three water-soluble molecules that are produced by the liver from fats. Intense periods of exercises can also help to create ketones. Once your body starts producing these fat-blasting molecules, you’re considered to be in a state of nutritional ketosis! If sustained your body will keep using fat as fuel and help promote healthier living and on-going healthy weight loss.  

Being in a state of nutritional ketosis can also have a variety of  other positive effects on the body such as:

  •  maintaining a healthy blood sugar level,

  • an increased level of clarity and focus, 

  • promoting lean muscle growth,

  • supporting hormone production,

  • quality of skin, 

  • improved liver and gallbladder function 

  • feeling healthier, energised and balanced.

    How Ultra Lite can help manage your ketosis

    Any change as big on the body as entering a state of nutritional ketosis can be difficult to do without the right guidance and support throughout the process. At MISS FOX we believe beauty and wellness is a holistic journey, and one which requires the careful learned knowledge of a professional practitioner. With this spirit in mind, we offer nutritional guidance and ongoing lifestyle support in the form of our Ultra Lite program. With Ultra Kite having its roots in transforming and empowering lives for the past 20+ years you’re truly in the hands of both a qualified practitioner and a huge support network

    Whilst it’s effects are immediate (losing up to 10kg in 5 weeks) Ultra Lite is strongly grounded in providing you the right tools to keep the weight off. You’ll receive education about food groups, personal portion sizes and metabolism stimulation that make maintaining your goal weight even easier.

    To inspire your wellness journey we’re offering a $100 credit towards your 5 week Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program to help you achieve the healthiest and happiest version of you there is. 

    We truly believe you are what you eat, it’s time to make those resolutions a reality! Call us for more information or to book in your consultation!