Having a morning routine for those in a rush seems almost impossible sometimes, but we are here to share you how you might change that in 6 ways. 


1) Setting Goals

This may seem obvious but setting your intentions and goals for the day when you wake makes the day productive and focused. Choose 3 key goals for the day and slot in around your schedule in order to keep on track. This way you can come home and have a well rested night's sleep knowing that everything important has been completed. 

2) Journalling

Writing your thoughts down as soon as you wake up is a simple way to de-stress, take the chatter out of your head and leave them there in your journal. Anything necessary can be scheduled into your daily planner, but everything else can be left behind. It's a brilliant decluttering system for your brain. 

3) Get Moving

Whether it's waking up earlier and attending a class, taking your pets for a walk or even stretching whilst your in bed - get your body moving. Not only is this going to help you start your day feeling more refreshed but it also brings more oxygen to your brain, allowing you to think more clearly. 


4) Mindful Eating

Actually sitting down to eat something nourishing at home instead of getting a bagel and coffee on the run will make such a difference to your morning. You're taking time out of your day to prepare something healthy whilst letting your digestive system wake up, and letting your mind take a break before you embark on a busy day. 

5) Hydration

Hydrated bodies are happy bodies. By drinking a glass of warm water in the morning you're helping your body to not only wake up properly but also kick your digestive system into gear before you eat your first meal for the day. Water also helps your skin become more clear, plump and radiant (bonus).


Combining all of the above into a more structured routine to fit your lifestyle will be your key to success in the morning. You'll not only be more organised but you'll also be spending the time to take care of yourself, and put yourself at the very top of your to-do list. And there's nothing more important than that.

Remember to always plan your life around your wellbeing, not your wellbeing around your life.