You exfoliate your face, so why not exfoliate your body? We know the concept might be hard to comprehend, a brush for your body - but this is a miracle worker and we guarantee you're going to love how silky and smooth your skin feels after using one.

Dry body brushing is a manual way of exfoliation and detoxification. It helps shed dead skin cells, helps with removing and preventing ingrown hairs, improves circulation and increases collagen all whilst keeping your body soft and smooth.

The number one rule for dry body brushing is to work in sweeping motions towards your heart. This ensures your blood is properly being circulated so that you can get maximum benefits. 

Have you tried dry body brushing before? At MISS FOX we have created a certified organic Detox Massage with Body Brushing to help detoxify your body and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage all in the one treatment. Soft bristles from our special German made Forest Conservation Certified brushes will stimulate your blood from head to toe which is then followed by a signature MISS FOX massage that uses selected essential oil blends to detoxify, purify and relax your whole body.