The new year is the perfect time to get in alignment and set some solid goals for yourself. But grinding, hustling and pushing yourself so hard that you neglect your self care doesn't get you far either. The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel. 

We asked our resident Life Coach, Amanda Walker, co-founder of Lord of the Fries and Melbourne’s hottest new bakery “Weirdoughs”, for some quick goal setting tips to empower you for sweet, sustainable success in the new year.

 Amanda says: 

1.     Take the time to plan your future— remember  although you cannot control everything, you can make the best use of your time. 

2.     What you focus on is what you get — having a clear idea of what you really want is the first step in getting it. 

3.     Making sure the goals are aligned with your highest values makes the whole process flow much easier than going against the grain.

4.     Check for authenticity — are they your goals or someone else's ”shoulds” that you are taking on.

5.     When the fear of failure creeps in, do your inner work. Get coaching, counselling, healing and dig up all the limiting beliefs so you can move forward faster and with more bliss.

6.     Set big goals and take small steps every day to move toward them.  Ticking off tasks which move you in the diredtion of your dreams is very enlivening and empowering.

7.     Make the goals as SMART as possible (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).

8.     Write them goals down! Read them every day; create a vision board and ramp up your dreams. The more focus, the more things that support your focus come toward you. 

9.     Set yourself up with strong daily habits to support you such as exercise, high vibe eating and mediation. Even a little bit of all of the above creates a great framework to thrive within. 

10. Let go and let it flow. Sometimes goals change or the universe shows us another way we need to go. That’s alright, don’t hang on if the goals become no longer relevant for you. If your intention is genuine, for the greater good and your own growth, the universe will show you the way. 

11. Bonus hot tip – practise imagining you’ve accomplished what you set out to achieve or acquire – feel the feels and that will magnify the Law of Attraction supporting you on your mission. 


Born in Toronto, Canada, Amanda’s journey to co-founding Lord of the Fries with her husband has combined her love of french fries with her commitment to thinking big, leading with love and living kindly. She is known for her passion for the brand and its mission, a determination to succeed and a desire to bring sustainable business practices into the front lines of fast food. She now coaches women on their inward journey and mentors businesses through their outward reality with the aim to lead with love, evolve oneself and strive for actualization.

Amanda is available for private coaching at MISS FOX by appointment, or online. To book with Amanda contact us or call MISS FOX on 90280350 to get connected.


Ladies: Wanting to step into living your best life but don’t quite know how… or haven’t made the time since you are so busy with the grind? Join Amanda Walker; co-founder of Lord of the Fries, accredited coach and business mentor, alongside Victoria Fox; founder of MISS FOX Melbourne, for an afternoon of shaping your vision, creating your reality and vibrating higher.