Spring nail fashion from our friends at Kester Black


Spring is here! The most exciting part? Changing up our nails with 2018’s best Spring nail colours, natch.

It’s not like we’ve been hanging out for spring, but ...ok, we were totally hanging out for it. We’re so ready for the warmer weather and good vibes of spring. And our nails are so ready for some fresh new colour!

So we put together the fizziest, funnest, and springiest spring edit to date. Plus the matching outfit inspo. Yep, we’ve got you covered. Your spring nail colours will be totes on point.

2018 Spring nail colours

Aquarius - Dive into spring with our purpley-blue astro baby, Aquarius. Pair it with a flowing dress and fully embrace the free love vibes. After all, what better time of year to rock a flower crown?


Bubblegum - Light, fresh, and playful, Bubblegum is practically made for spring. Pair this pastel, minty green with sheer peasant tops and blue jeans and you’ve got yourself a lewk.


Coral Blush - Ya know what looks awesome? Coral blush and a matching knit. Try it on a cool Spring night. You won’t be disappointed.


Coral - Remind everyone the weather’s warming up with this pinky-red orange (yeah, you read that right). Pair Coral with a matching skirt, cami, and sandals, and start planning your summer vacay.


Luna - Luna’s moonglow lilac is the mystery you’ll never want to solve. Wear it to your next spring event with a deep blue wrap dress, strappy sandals and don’t-care hair.


Sorbet - Statement nails are waaay more fun when they’re bright pink. And who doesn’t love fun? Wear Sorbet with a nude slip dress for maximum pop.