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When I started MISS FOX, holistic philosophy wasn’t front of mind — in fact I thought holistic just meant burning incense and dinging bells at the end of your massage, and I wasn’t that into either either of those things. I was into offering people a great time.

I was intent on creating something that maintained an extremely high quality and service standard, and was beautiful to look at and experience. Why quality and service? Because I was fussy, and I’d been inspired by some really great service experiences all over the world (and some really terrible ones). Why beautiful? Because how things look and feel is part of the fun.

So, what does holistic actually mean? A holistic approach recognises that the mind, body, spirit and emotions are all intrinsically linked and must be treated as a whole for optimal well being. Nothing occurs in isolation, everything in our life is interconnected. Therefore, one activity in one area of our life will affect all other areas. Looking after one part treats the others, and by the same token, not looking after one part affects the others.

Holistic takes into account the physical, social, mental, spiritual, environmental and emotional aspects of life and considers them when providing a service or solution.

Holistic isn’t just about balance. You can’t do great in one area expect it to correct or compensate for another area. In order to be considered "well," it is imperative for none of these areas to be neglected.

Holistic is not something limited to the wellbeing industry or your personal health either — it is a philosophy that steps back and focuses on the “big picture” to bring better health and life force to any situation. Whether it be a corporate organisation, your family ecosystem, or your own self care, you can apply and practice a holistic philosophy with almost anything to optimise it's wellbeing and performance.

Let’s explore interconnectedness: You might have experienced damage to your gut after a round of antibiotics, and felt how that affected your digestion, and then your mood. You might have changed jobs or offices (or gone on vacation) and suddenly your anxiety and neck pain went away. You might have seen how emotional stress and lack of sleep shows up as dryness or dullness on your skin. Or, you may have been surprised that after you started journalling daily, you began sleeping better, and when you began sleeping better, your immune system improved. This is the interconnected nature of all things, and this is the power of holistic solutions.

At MISS FOX, our menu is designed to subtly and elegantly lift and nourish the spirit, the mind, the emotions and the body at the same time. This means that we address the business of your self care with reference to the whole belief and whole vision. So how does that manifest in a practical way? We only offer treatments, products, quantities and services that make a positive contribution to the whole, and don’t cause damage the ecosystem. 

When it comes to skincare, holistic philosophy really shines — and shines a light on the backwards nature of most modern beauty therapies. Holistic means that we don’t damage the skin to get a result. Rather than wounding the skin, which causes inflammation, and over time weakens it, holistically-based therapy makes skin stronger and healthier so it can naturally look its best. 

Here’s a thought: If you were wishing to take care of a damaged liver or a kidney, would you poke hundreds of tiny needles into it, pour acid over it, or sandpaper it hundreds of times — not forgetting to look at it every day and sigh and tell it how bad it is? Yet as an industry and individually, we do this all the time to our skin, the largest organ of the body.

When you create the optimum conditions by nourishing, feeding, nurturing and loving the skin, you allow nature to do what it does best: thrive, be sustainable and be beautiful beyond anything we can manufacture. 

Where else are you taking an isolated or ineffective approach to wellbeing? When you stop taking a small picture approach of treating symptoms in isolation and move towards seeing an overall vision for health, things become simpler. Though we’ve essentially always practiced a holistic strategy in our own special and luxurious MISS FOX way, we truly consider treating you as a whole person now more than ever before. Have you seen our new offerings of holistic skin analysis, counselling, life coaching, energy healing and naturopathy? Have you noticed that everything we offer is non-invasive? Have you noticed that we largely work with organic and botanically-based products? Have you felt the healing energy of our staff and space? Have you felt the joy of giving through our partnership with B1G1?

There is method to everything that is, that isn’t, or has been removed from our menu and space, and it’s coming from a deep reverence, fascination and love for the interconnectedness of all things, and a more loving approach to life.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to take to your own holistic philosophy to improve your life. Start with improving your self care. Not sure where to focus? I’ve created a Holistic Self Care quiz right here to get you thinking and get your started.



This month’s Full Moon is in the powerful Earth centred sign of Capricorn. 

Being head strong, in-charge and determined are all attributes highlighted under the mythical half-goat/half-fish. 

The fish channels our mystical creative dreams via the earthy goat, helping bring form to impulse in the material realm. 

The ultimate zodiac sign of manifestation and material wealth, Capricorn always rises to the challenge. Helping us to conjure our wishes into steadfast reality, particularly in relation to; financial/material abundance, prosperity, career advancement, reputation and recognition. 

Ruled by the planet Saturn, this month is all about self-responsibility, ownership and focus. Governing the principle of restriction, Saturn helps up tap into the all important single-pointed laser beam vision required to; get the job done, make the cut, hunt down the opportunity, rise in power and bask in the rewards. 

This months Full Moon being a partial Eclipse, allows us to also review and release. It’s time to cut the sandbags off our hot-air ballon, so as to reach greater heights. 

Capricorn offers us a golden key to self-sovereignty, reminding us we are the sculptures of our own magnificent lives. With sandbags cut and by doing the hard work now, we’ll be soaring fresh sky’s and well on the way to creating our masterpiece. 

Much Luna Love,
Natta XX

Beauty Tips



Introducing a dear friend of MISS FOX: Neha Hobson.
Neha is an accomplished industry talent and entrepreneur, she is followed online by hundreds of thousands for her makeup trends, skincare tips, inner beauty routines, business hacks and product reviews. Neha recently hosted our Makeup Masterclass on Day to Night Glam tips and tricks. As beauty truly is from within, Neha shares her insights on how to look beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

I often get asked why Beauty By Neha is so focused on Inner Beauty and why I’m so passionate about it. In a nutshell, I believe that real beauty is directly linked to real success. It can never be isolated to something as superficial as good looks; it has to be more than skin-deep, and should be cultivated with every passing year of our lives.

Good looks are shallow and lacking if there is nothing else to compliment them and give them substance. So how do we develop and enhance our beauty from within?

Establish a Morning Routine that creates Motivation and Inspiration

When you wake up, your body is dehydrated and your cortisol (i.e. stress level) is at its peak. So what you devote your energy to from the get-go can set the tone for the rest of your day. I like to have 2 glasses of warm water, followed by a glass of warm water that has a pinch of pink salt and fresh lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) in it. This replenishes the minerals in the body and helps with hydration and digestion.

I’m a huge coffee lover, so I then have a cup of bulletproof or freshly brewed coffee with almond milk. I like to make my bed, tidy up my surroundings, grab my coffee, and go into my backyard where I can breathe in the fresh air. I pray and meditate here for a few minutes and think about all the things I’m grateful for. I pray for the people and things that are important to me. Most mornings this is followed by some kind of exercise – either an hour at the gym or a half an hour to an hour walk on the beach near my house with a podcast.

I avoid social media for at least the first hour upon waking up. We all know social media can be toxic, but if you’re like me and your business is heavily linked to your Instagram account for example, then it’s hard not to want to check it upon waking. The way I have shifted my perspective recently on this though, is by asking myself, “will it control me, or will I be in control of what I expose myself to and when?”

This way, I’m not pulled into everyone else’s life and agenda online upon waking up. I choose when to engage and how to engage on my own terms, and choose to prioritise more meaningful and important things beforehand. I found that this habit has benefited my mental and emotional health greatly.

I also love thinking about my targets and goals for the day, how I’m going to achieve them, and set an intention for my day. This includes doing high-value tasks earlier in the day, creating a mental outline of what’s important to me personally and professionally and how I’m going to make sure I get those high priority tasks done ideally before noon.

Whilst multi-tasking is good in some ways (exercising whilst feeding my mind through a podcast or uplifting music), I try to avoid multi-tasking in general, so that I can really be present in the moment and give one task my 100% at a time. This is better for productivity and feeling like you’re achieving things fully as you make your way through the day!

I like to finish off my morning routine with gratitude and affirmations. These can be quietly rehearsed in your mind, prayed or written down. If you’re struggling with something specific, create an affirmation around that topic, and also try journaling your thoughts and ideas to obtain clarity. For example, if you’re out of your comfort zone at work, you could reaffirm: “I know that there is no such things as failure, when all I choose to do is learn and grow.”

Or remind yourself of a time you’ve been out of your depth but still managed to survive and even do well. Then journal some possible solutions.

You’re essentially self-soothing, and rewiring yourself towards healthy and positive beliefs. What we believe, we become. As the famous quote goes, we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. So let’s be great.

To read further on enhancing you inner beauty click here

You can find more of Neha on and @nehamakeupartist as well as @_beautybyneha_

Treatment Spotlights



When you are a woman (or man) of the world, busy making magic happen, then shaving, waxing and dealing with ingrown hairs isn't the very best use of your precious time.

Could light based hair removal may be the perfect grooming treatment for you?

Light based hair removal treatments, such as IPL and laser work by carefully heating up individual hair shafts to impair the hair follicle, considerably reducing the regrowth of hair — or completely stopping it. That means no morning shave, no monthly appointments for waxing and no bumps.


There are more differences than you might expect.

IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’ and comes in branded variations such as: SIPL, VPL, SPL all of which are essentially the same technology. IPL machines are not actual lasers and are generally cheaper than laser devices, which is why many clinics choose to use them and treatments can appear to be a lot cheaper. 

IPL machines produce a broad spectrum of light than can heat up the hair, but also a lot of the surrounding skin. It lacks the precise targeting of laser — making it less effective in treating the actual hair; and putting the skin at a higher risk for side effects.

IPL generally requires more treatments, sometimes double or triple the amount, and may only reduce the thickness and darkness of the hair, rather than eliminate it completely. IPL is better used for skin rejuvenation in treatments for some forms of pigmentation and age spots.

Lasers, on the other hand, use a single wavelength of light and can more effectively hone in on the hair itself. This means the hair absorbs more light and heat than with IPL and the hair is more effectively destroyed, faster and more carefully.

Laser types for hair removal include: Diode, Alexandrite and ND:Yag. These tend to achieve superior results for unwanted hair and are safest for surrounding skin.

Laser technology works by targeting dark pigment. Therefore it’s most effective on pale skin and dark coarse hair. The lighter the skin and the darker coarser the hair; the better the results. 

To determine your suitability for laser, find a reputable clinic with Laser Safety certified staff, and one that insists on a test patch to determine your suitability for treatment as well as the safest setting for you.

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Health & Wellbeing

MORNING ABUNDANCE: Berry Smoothie Bowl

A simple, wholesome, delicious recipe from our friends at VitaSol.


Ingredients ( for 1)

Infinity Wholefood Powder 2 tsp 
Frozen blue & blackberries ¾ cup 
Frozen bananas 1½ 
Greek yogurt 2 tbsp

Shredded coconut 
Chia seeds 
Pomegranate seeds 


1. In a high-powered blender, add the berries, banana and yogurt along with Infinity Wholefood Powder until smooth.

2. Spoon into a bowl, and dollop over additional yogurt as desired. Top with seeds, berries coconut, mint and edible flowers, then devour immediately.


This month’s vivacious Sagittarius full moon has much to do with hunting down our bigger dreams, in the context of hopes, wishes and desires.

With the fiery archers arrows constantly poised to take aim at far-flung goals, life can feel sometimes like a constant tour de France. 

Driven by a genuine smorgasbord of divergent passions, we are still reminded not to overlook Sagittarius’s ability to at times over stretch itself. It is far wiser and healthier to keep in mind the importance of balance and the middle path, leading to a greater abundance and a cornucopia of the soul.

Over the next fortnight, this is the time to allow the dreams we have already thrown into the cosmic cooking pot to take shape & form. 

Hold back on the desire to rush hoof first into tomorrow, instead find the stillness within, hold space for the current magick to be weaved into the fertile tapestry of our creation. 

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter is the wise wandering shaman of the Zodiac. In ancient Greek mythology Sagittarius is connected to the centaur Chiron, the wounded healer and teacher. 

Chronic healing is deep, visceral & cathartic. To fully embrace the experience requires complete trust and surrendering to the universe. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable induces the inner alchemy required to harmonise our subconscious and conscious selves.

Being a transpersonal sign, the Archer brings up situations, values and beliefs that are bigger than just us. The Archers arrow point to our evolution being as much about others as it is about ourselves. This is the butterfly effect in action, for the greater good we are called to raise our own personal bar and lead by example.

This full moon is the perfect time to get active, be proactive, spend time in nature, build up a sweat, cozy up with animal friends, explore new philosophies, go on an adventure, say yes, do hot yoga or have a hot stone massage, all of which are wonderful ways to stoke the Sagittarius fires & blossom. 

Much luna luv Natta x

You can find Natta via @nattajain on Instagram.