Medifacials are clinical-strength, holistic facial treatments prescribed by your skin specialist, customised according to your personal needs and goals. They are used to enhance skin and treat specific conditions that may be revealed by our Skin Analysis with Visia, or as advised by you.

At MISS FOX, we treat the skin holistically, avoiding invasive and irritating treatments, and working with the skin to create sustainable and permanent change. A combination of botanically-active, extremely high-potency ingredients will be selected according to your individual needs, to cleanse, balance, exfoliate, repair, nourish and hydrate your skin — evening skin tone, smoothing the surface, calming inflammation and bringing true radiance to your overall complexion.

Effective, concentrated serums and masks, and a personalised selection of potent 'actives' will be chosen to address your skin’s specific skin conditions. The Medifacial should be repeated every 4 weeks for continued improvement. A course of at least 6 sessions is recommended. 


A fast and effective facial for those wanting results and a holistic philosophy – giving excellent and sustainable results in minimum time. This Prescription Medifacial is for those who have already had a Holistic Skin Analysis and have been prescribed a facial plan by their therapist. Featuring our Aspect, Osmosis and Comedix ranges. Suitable for mature skin, rosacea, redness, pigmentation and/or acne. *VEGAN/PREGNANCY OPTION

Clinical style, performed above sheets, without changing clothes.

30 mins $130

$351 course of 3 (save 10%) or

$650 course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE)

45 mins Extended $165

$445.50 course of 3 (save 10%) or

$825 course of 5 (buy 5 get one FREE)

Optional Peptide Mask Upgrade $20

Optional Powder Active Upgrade (Calming, Anti Ageing or Lightening) $25

Optional 15 minute LED upgrade $49



99% natural in content, Osmosis clinical ingredients have a non-damaging, non-inflammatory approach and create the ideal environment to encourage permanent change and overall radiance to skin and body.  Vitamin A is the best anti-aging ingredient we can offer our skin and Osmosis utilise the most active, least irritating and non-acid form: Retinaldehyde.

The Osmosis Infusion blend utilised in this facial contains potent 2.5% Retinaldehyde, 1,3 Beta Glucan, Niacinimide, Chorella Vulgaris and Willow Herb to infuse the dermis with fibroblast stimulators, immune boosters, antioxidants, pigment lighteners, and calming anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients. Enjoy the MISS FOX experience supercharged with Osmosis pharmaceutical-strength products to take your facials to the next level. *VEGAN FRIENDLY

Clinical style, performed above sheets, without changing clothes.

$180 30 mins

$486 course of 3 (save 10%)

$900 course of 6 (buy 5 get one FREE)

ZipPay Available

*Skin conditioning is required prior to this service. This treatment requires skin to be prepared for a minimum of 2 weeks on Osmosis Vitamin A products. The longer preparation time the skin receives, the better the results from the Infusion Medifacial. Start with a Skin Analysis for the appropriate home care recommendations. We are not able to perform this treatment on nursing or pregnant women.