Medifacials are paramedical strength customised facial treatments designed for all skin types and to treat specific skin conditions. A customised combination of botanically active ingredients will be blended according to your individual needs, to cleanse, balance, gently exfoliate, repair, nourish and hydrate your skin. Facial massage to ensure product absorption and chemical extraction (not manual, which can damage pores) may be performed as required.

Utilising some of the purest natural antioxidants, vitamins and skin healers, the Medifacial mops up free radical damage and brightens the complexion. An effective, concentrated, lightening, tightening and brightening mask is used, customised with a personalised selection of potent 'actives' to address your skins specific skin conditions. The Medi-facial should be repeated every 4-6 weeks for continued improvement. A course of at least 6 is recommended. 

These treatments are only available after completion of a full Skin Analysis appointment.



A fast but effective facial for those short on time but wanting results. The express medi-facial is great for those who have already had a skin analysis and want a quick appointment that ticks all the cosmeceutical boxes. Performed 'above the sheets' - no change required and heels/boots can stay firmly in place if desired.

30 mins $95


Finally! Indulgence meets deep clinical results. Enjoy the full spa experience supercharged with cosmeceutical strength products to take your facials to the next level. Performed in our spa rooms and heated spa beds, with gorgeous plush robes and tea service. Featuring our Aspect, Comedix and Skinmedica ranges.

60 mins $185
90 mins $265