Full Body Relaxation Massage in Melbourne

Rebalance your body and mind with a beautifully administered, healing massage. Massages are available for relaxation and detoxification, using comforting, expert hands and heavenly scented certified organic essential oils and balms. Your massage can also be adjusted to allow more attention to chosen areas to further tailor your relaxation experience. As massage oil is used, it is necessary to be unclothed for treatment, aside from underwear (luxury disposables are available). Our oils are light and absorb beautifully, so that you can change back into your clothes cleanly without the need to shower. 



Indulge in a luxurious customised body and face massage with the finest plant-based oils and organic Aromatherapy blends to suit your individual state of wellbeing. This relaxing massage uses light to moderate pressure and smooth flowing techniques. The powerful healing properties of pure Camellia Oil and potent essential oil infusions take you on a journey of wellbeing and calm. Your expert therapist will guide and advise you on the blend selection to suit your needs. 

1 hour $185
1hr 15 mins $220
1 hour 30 mins $255



A simply beautiful massage to indulge your body. Using a luxuriously nourishing and soothing balm made with 100% pure, cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil, this massage is exquisitely designed for your optimal relaxation and rejuvenation. This classic massage utilises long strokes and kneading to improve muscle tone, stimulate circulation and relax the entire body. Relax on a journey guided by with the subtle scent of real natural coconut, and leave feeling totally pampered and richly nourished. 

1 hour $195
1hr 15 mins $230
1 hour 30 mins $265



Our 100% natural Divine Rose Balm is exclusive to MISS FOX. Featuring a decadent blend of sunflower, coconut, evening primrose and jojoba oils, beeswax, cocoa and shea nut butter plus vitamin E, this heavenly scented balm has amazing properties for nourishing and healing skin.  

The Balm contains rare organic rose oil, made from flowers from chemical-free Organic rose fields located in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose valley. The farm handpicks the roses at dawn, when the dew is still on the flowers, and they are distilled same day.

This massage is designed to not only soothe the body, but lift your energy vibration to promote positivity, intuition and spiritual awareness. A divine massage experience.

1 hour $210
1hr 15 mins $245
1 hour 30 mins $280



Your body has its own natural method of detoxifying by means of the lymphatic system, but considering the amount of pollutants and stress modern humans are exposed to, the lymphatic system can use some help. This specialty massage treatment begins with a cleansing and invigorating dry body brushing treatment to stimulate lymphatic drainage, boost blood circulation and smooth the skin. A complementary scalp and hair brushing ritual using a natural bristle brush is included for stimulating head to toe therapy. We follow with a massage with our organic body oil and intuitively selected essential oil blend to detoxify, purify and relax. 

1 hour 30 mins $265



Private Shower: Extra time for a hot shower after your massage. 15 minutes $45
Touch Facial: Essential facial therapy and massage. 30 mins $95
Professional blow dry: $55-$95
Professional makeup application:$45-$100

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HEALTH AND SAFETY: Do not have a massage if you currently have an infection or fever. Wait until your temperature returns to normal before having this massage. We can accommodate pregnant guests from the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. We offer a firm massage on request however this is not a deep tissue, corrective or remedial service.