Anyone can achieve a professional makeup finish for any occasion, with the right instruction, practice and tools. Our comprehensive, personalised one on one (or one on two) make-up lessons with our amazing makeup team will set you on the right path to replicating a professionally applied look to your make-up every time.

Whether you want to learn how to wing your liner, conceal dark under-eyes circles, disguise pimples and scars, contour your face or simply look radiant and fresh, our lessons are customised to you. You'll have a chance to ask a professional everything you wanted to know about makeup and understand how it relates to your face.

During the lesson your makeup artist will demonstrate make-up and give you an opportunity to practice replicating the techniques, ask questions, and most importantly, have some fun! You are welcome to bring along your own make-up and tools so we can show how they can be used, or updated. At the lesson, your make up artist will also use our Jane Iredale mineral range and brushes to demonstrate additional techniques and learnings appropriate for you. 

You will also enjoy 10% off any makeup purchases on the day!



45min $110 PLUS enjoy 10% off any makeup purchases on the day.


60min $200 PLUS enjoy 10% off any makeup purchases on the day.