Make the move to a makeup that is good for your skin. 

Jane Iredale – THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP® was the first full makeup line on the market to offer not just color enhancement, but also important benefits to the skin through its highly-sophisticated blend of minerals. It is now the largest and most comprehensive skin care makeup range in the world today. 

Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals worldwide, the makeup is now also widely used in the film and TV industry and is regularly featured as editors favourites in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair. Many glowing, flawless celebs are wearing her powder on the red carpet, with celebrity fans include Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham, and numerous males too.

From eyes to lips to lashes, minerals feel weightless, are non drying and provide a flawless yet youthful look. They are perfect post procedure (facials, peels and surgery) and for everyday, allowing the skin to breathe and function normally. 

Carcinogenic talc is present in 90% of makeup brands, even mineral brands, accentuating fine lines, drying the skin and blocking pores. Acne, aging, sensitive and rosacea skins will all benefit from Jane Iredale’s soothing, hydrating and hypoallergenic formula which contains no talc, and no bismuth oxychloride, with a number of products obtaining the Skin Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Foundation seal of approval.



Get a 15 minute makeup consultation by a member of our Jane Iredale makeup team who will analyse your skin tone, type and skin texture, discuss your current makeup regime, and the looks you would like to achieve. From here, we can suggest foundation, eye or lip products and colours that will best suit your individual needs, choose the correct colours and trial these on your skin. Walk away with recommendations and a prescription of gorgeous Jane Iredale products for now or later. Bookings essential.

$25 (15m) Fully redeemable on any makeup products.
Extended Appointment $50 (30m) Fully redeemable on any makeup products.