At MISS FOX, we believe we each possess the ability to engage our strengths to create a life we love. We offer Transformational Coaching to provide you with the tools to dig deep, lift the roots of limiting beliefs and accelerate change to move in the direction of where you want to go. Coaching sessions take 45 minutes - 1.5 hours. The space depends on your preference. The 1-1’s can take place in person at MISS FOX in one of our private rooms, over the phone or online.

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Understanding that you have access to infinite power, in the space of total acceptance, the coach will work with you by asking questions, validating feelings and noticing patterns to enable you to create the change necessary for you to grow into who you want to be. In the process, you will discover the thoughts that hold you back and shift them into empowering beliefs.


Coaching is for anyone who wants to live an empowered life. You can create transformation in any aspect of your life such as love, relationships, money, spirituality, health and career.


  • Clarity 

  • Life vision

  • Sense of Direction 

  • Sense of purpose 

  • Goal Setting

  • Accountability 

  • Creating behavioural changes

  • Breaking old patterns

  • Skills to have courageous conversations

  • Connecting with higher self

  • Acting in alignment

  • Meeting your inner child



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Amanda Walker is a successful entrepreneur with a thriving vegan business in the retail food industry (co-founder of Lord of the Fries). She is a respected business mentor and coach who paves the way for others to ‘lead with love”.  

She combines her formal training from The Life Coaching Institute (TCI) with NLP, Self- Directed Healing  (SDH), business mentoring and start up experience, and Vedic philosophy to create a powerful relationship with her clients and facilitate transformation. 

Amanda has been part of panels and workshops at MISS FOX, as well as a coach for our team, and we love her.


Initial Discovery Call 15 minutes FREE

First Coaching Session 1.5 hours $150 (in person or virtual)

Follow up Coaching Sessions 45mins $110 (in person or virtual)


Amanda is an inspiring and committed coach that takes you on a beautiful journey into the heart of who you are. Through working with her, I was able to clearly see and feel emotional, mental and spiritual blockages and make changes that  improved my relationships, business, lifestyle and flow. Amanda has a unique ability to offer support that is warm, loving and non-judgmental, yet still focused and effective to move you forward and bring in to your life that which you truly desire. Plus, her high-vibe workshops are game-changing and full of colourful stories, lots of laughs and very practical advice for the modern woman.

–Victoria Lucille Fox, MISS FOX Founder

If you have questions or need to clarify any aspect of the coaching process prior to booking, please don't hesitate to make contact with us using the form below, and Amanda will contact you directly. All frameworks used by Amanda are complementary therapies. The information expressed on our website, written or implied is not a substitute for medical treatments or professional diagnosis. 



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