At MISS FOX, we firmly believe businesses should contribute to the wellbeing of people and the planet. For this reason, we look to integrate social and environmental concerns into our operations on a daily basis.


Through caring for yourself, you care for others. When you visit MISS FOX, you help us support important, life-enhancing projects all across the world, through our Partnership with B1G1: Business For Good. Through the loyalty and support of MISS FOX guests so far:

  • 1,000 trees were maintained and protected for a year in the Colombian rainforest.

  • 50 fruit trees were planted to generate income for families in Tanzania.

  • 60,225 days of assistance were given to subsistence farmers in Peru covering the costs of building irrigation systems for community fruit and vegetable gardens.

  • 10,000 days of access to a toilet and shower were provided to people in India.

  • 600 water taps were installed for underprivileged families in India.

  • 480 days of education support were provided to send slum children to school in India.

  • 100 fruit trees were planted to support families in Peru.

  • 1000 reproductive education programs were provides to support adolescent girls in India.

  • 20 square meters of rainforest was protected in the Australian Daintree Rainforest Lowland.

  • 40 trees were planted in the Daintree Rainforest to help restore and establish habitats for plants and animals that are local to the ecosystem.

  • 70 trees were planted in Borneo to provide homes and safety for endangered Orang Utans.

  • 30 days worth of facility maintenance cost was covered to run a rural medical clinic in Indonesia.

  • 10 children received a school garden in Cambodia.

  • 1 month of business coaching was provided to 5 Social Entrepreneurs in India, enabling them to offer long-term solutions to social problems in their country.

  • 1,260 days of social workers wages were covered so they can act as a house mum to orphaned children in Kenya.

  • 16,000 reproductive and child health awareness programs were given to disadvantaged women in India.

  • 100 days of support were given to families in Cambodia to prevent child trafficking.

  • 2,000 days of shelter were provided to people in need in India.

  • 36,500 days of access to life-saving water were given to people in Malawi.

  • 83,000 days of access to life-saving water were given to people in Ethiopia.

  • 240 days of preschool education were given to disadvantaged children in India.

  • And more…

View an up to the minute map of our giving through B1G1 here:

View our participation in the B1G1 India 2015 Study Tour:


We only have one precious and beautiful planet. We believe the beauty industry should operate sustainably and ethically. Our philosophy is to minimise our impact on the environment through conscious choices, and we are continuously working to improve our operations in this regard. Some of our current initiatives and intentions include:

  • We utilise all-natural, chemical-free and organic products wherever possible in our treatments.

  • We work only with cruelty-free brands.

  • We prefer local suppliers and manufacturers, and we purchase in bulk to minimise carbon footprint from transport of stock.

  • We serve local produce and refreshments featuring handmade, vegan and organic catering and bar options.

  • We use eco-friendly 100% biodegradable towels made from certified renewable sources, and save water and energy otherwise spent on laundering.

  • We use bio-degradable garbage bags and operate a detailed recycling system.

  • We use forest-friendly recycled tissues and toilet papers from, who also donate 50% of profits to developing communities.

  • We run a paperless office where possible by doing away with invoices and bulky printed brochures and menus, and use eco paper stocks and bags made with recycled content.

  • We use energy efficient light globes in all of our fittings and subscribe to Green Power.

  • We educate clients on living healthier lifestyles, encouraging walking and riding over driving, eating unprocessed fresh and organic foods over packaged meals, reducing their body weight and improving their health, minimising both environmental impact and strain on the health system.

  • We use the most natural alternatives to harsh cleaning chemicals where appropriate within healthcare guidelines. Our salon is almost entirely cleaned using the Enjo system.

  • We offer various vegan friendly treatment options on our spa menu.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to further contribute to the health and wellbeing of our planet.