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MISS FOX MYSTIC WOMEN’S CIRCLE: Sagittarius Full Moon Sage Ritual

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Mystic Women’s Circle at MISS FOX: with Natta Jain, Astrologer, Diviner and Mystical Philosophy teacher

Partake in a metamorphic, self-invoking ritual, explore exciting new terrain and tap into your wise inner sage, guided by the fiery and philosophical power of the Sagittarius Full moon.

June’s Full Moon will be in the adventurous and self-reflective Sagittarius; signifying a time to open our heart and tap into our wise inner sage. Ruled by Jupiter this Full Moon activates our deeper spiritual quest.

This 2 hour event includes: 

  • A beautiful Guided Meditation and Body Movement

  • magickal candle ritual and purifying Saggitarius sage ritual 

  • Exploring the meaning of the Sagittarius Full Moon through Astrology and folk traditions

  • Workbook featuring how to connect with this month's astrological energy

  • Refreshments and specially blended Scorpio Full Moon herbal tea

  • A MISS FOX Organics Essential Oil Blend gift to take home (value $24.44)

  • Bonus: Personal astrological birth chart information (if time, place and date of birth provided when booking)

We encourage you to bring a piece of special jewellery or a crystal, to place on the altar. Soaking up all the magickal energy, this acts as a powerful talisman until the next Full Moon. 

Monday 17th June 7pm-9pm at MISS FOX Melbourne
Investment per person $99. Past Mystic Women's Circle Attendees $77
*Special Early Bird $88 per person available until 11th June*
Women-only event, please book early to secure your place.

Refunds available up to 7 days prior to the event only.

About Natta Jain 

Originally from England, Natta Jain descends from a long line of Magickal practitioners going back many generations in her family. Receiving her first Tarot deck at 11 years old, Natta Jain has been dedicated to the Mystical arts since a young child. As a professional Astrologer, Diviner and Mystical Philosophy teacher, Natta Jain synthesises her extensive knowledge of Astrology, Mythology, Magick and Mysticism to create beautiful empowering rituals and enlightening personal forecasts. Natta Jain’s focus is to help you reconnect to the magick in everyday life and the abundant gifts the universe has to offer. Her work helps to solidly ground you in the present, reminding you of your strengths and highlights opportunities ahead of you, so you can clearly and confidently blaze the trail forward towards your shining destiny.