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Mystic Women’s Circle: with Natta Jain, Astrologer & Modern Mystic & MISS FOX Founder, Victoria Fox

Partake in a balancing, harmonising ritual and discover the peaceful and beautiful energy that is held within this month's Libra Full Moon. Deep, heartfelt, honest connections are what Libra is about. Her scales rule the principles of balance, trust, truth and karma. By setting a tone of high integrity and love, we bask in her glory, our relationships thrive and in turn we experience a deep inner glow like nothing else.

This moon resets balance after the purifying Virgo energy of the last moon. It’s a time to positively address life’s cosmic scales — much like the ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat, who weighed peoples hearts against a feather before entering the afterlife. The luminous, golden heart-shaped key to this month’s Full Moon is to restore harmony and equilibrium across the board — but particularly in our relationships.

Join Natta Jain; professional Astrologer, Diviner and Mystical Philosophy teacher, alongside Victoria Fox; founder of MISS FOX Melbourne, for this month's Mystic Women’s Full Moon Circle. A night to embrace and revel in the divine feminine with other like-minded sisters, as women have done since the beginning of time.

As a practising modern Mystic, Natta has crafted with much love these illuminating monthly events. Weaving together art, astrology, movement, magick, meditation and storytelling; they help to enhance your connection to nature’s powerful cosmic flow, realigning your energy and invoking the sacred high priestess within you.

This 2 hour workshop includes:

  • A beautiful Libra Full Moon mystical ceremony

  • Meditation, movement and chanting

  • Storytelling of folktales and mythology linked to the Libra Moon

  • A healing art ceremony with an artwork to take home for your altar

  • A discussion on the Astrology for the month ahead

  • Workbook featuring how to connect with this month's astrological energy

  • Refreshments & specially blended Libra Full Moon herbal tea

  • Gift: MISS FOX Organics LOVE Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Blend 5mls valued at $24.44

    Bonus: Personal birthchart information (if time, place and date of birth provided when booking)

    We encourage you to bring a piece of special jewellery or a crystal, to place on the altar. Soaking up all the magickal energy, this acts as a powerful talisman until the next Full Moon.


About Natta Jain

Originally from England, Natta Jain descends from a long line of Magickal practitioners going back many generations in her family. Receiving her first Tarot deck at 11 years old, Natta Jain has been dedicated to the Mystical arts since a young child. As a professional Astrologer, Diviner and Mystical Philosophy teacher, Natta Jain synthesises her extensive knowledge of Astrology, Mythology, Magick and Mysticism to create beautiful empowering rituals and enlightening personal forecasts. Natta Jain’s focus is to help you reconnect to the magick in everyday life and the abundant gifts the universe has to offer. Her work helps to solidly ground you in the present, reminding you of your strengths and highlights opportunities ahead of you, so you can clearly and confidently blaze the trail forward towards your shining destiny.


About Victoria Fox

Victoria Fox founded MISS FOX after becoming disenchanted with the beauty industry, and seeing the gap in the quality experience. She created a luxurious beauty wonderland based on a deep element of care, love and connection - with the guest, the service being provided, the products being used and the design of the entire beauty experience. She is know for her positive take on the beauty industry, with the mindset, messaging and marketing to uplift and empower, and a holistic service treating body, mind and spirit, all delivered with 5 star flair, and a generous dose of high vibes.


Wednesday 20th March 7.15pm - 9.30pm at MISS FOX Melbourne

Investment per person $111. Special offer: Come with a friend and save $22 each.
*Special Early bird $99 per person available until sold out*
Women-only event. This is limited to 15 women only, please book early to secure your place.

Refunds available up to 7 days prior to the event only.