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CRYSTALS + SELF CARE: MISS FOX Wellbeing Masterclass Series


Join Brooke Cefai (Holistic Healer & Founder of Rock & Stone Crystals) and Victoria Fox (Founder, MISS FOX Melbourne), for an introduction into the magical world of crystals, and using them to in daily life for self care, clarity, healing and manifestation.

The use and awareness of crystals and their powers has been common knowledge to many ancient cultures and races before us. Crystals have been found in places of worship and sacred sights around the world revered for their numerous healing properties and ability to expand the mind.

We are seeing an exponential growth in people’s desire to know and understand crystals better as they become a more accepted and widely used tool for awakening and self healing and as beautiful adornments in jewellery or within businesses and homes. Yet what we so often hear is that people are unsure how to work with crystals and are seeking a solid grounding in both their use and application.

Event topics include:

  • What are crystals?

  • How crystals work and their many applications

  • The use of crystals in different cultures and civilisations

  • How to connect with crystals; moving beyond the five senses

  • What is crystal healing

We will then experience together:

  • A guided crystal meditation

  • How to select the best crystal for your current needs

  • Q&A and debunking some crystal myths

Includes light refreshments and a high quality crystal of your own to take home and practice with.