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ANXIETY BITES: Mindfulness + Mental Self Care Masterclass


Sometimes anxiety bites, hard.

In a world where we are constantly on the go and where technology invades our every waking moment it comes as no surprise that many of us feel like our minds are always switched on, consumed by worries and fears, or varying degrees of anxious thoughts and feelings. Anxiety has become one of the most common mental health conditions in Australia with approximatly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men experiencing anxiety throughout their lifetime.

Anxiety is more than just having an occasional anxious thought — this is normal from time to time or during periods of stress. Anxiety is when these anxious thoughts and feelings don't go away, when they happen for no particular reason or cause and make daily functioning difficult.

Join Holistic Counsellor, Brooke Cefai and MISS FOX Founder and Self Care advocate, Victoria Fox for a masterclass on mindfulness and positively managing anxiety.

Through this event we will explore :

  • What Anxiety is and why we experience it

  • The use of mindfulness and relaxation techniques in reducing worry and anxious thoughts.

  • Developing Self-Awareness; how to get to know your anxiety, bring awareness to patterns or triggers, thoughts and feelings and challenge self-talk.

  • The importance of being kind & looking after yourself. Putting together holistic strategies to manage your self-care.

  • Plus, enjoy a relaxing guided meditation

  • Light refreshments provided and Q+A at the end.

  • We look forward to joining you in this special self care event.

About Brooke Cefai

Brooke Cefai is a Melbourne based Counsellor & Wellbeing Facilitator who has spent two decades working in a number of diverse counselling and wellness settings in Sydney & Melbourne. This includes the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Victims Services NSW, PWD Abuse & Neglect Hotline, Mission Australia Counselling Services, and Essential Energies Wellbeing Centre. Brooke’s qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Wellness qualifications include a Certificate of Metaphysics and Advanced Certificate of Spiritual Healing. She is professionally registered with the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Brooke uses a holistic approach to counselling that draws on a number of counselling models and techniques chosen specifically to meet a person’s current needs. This approach considers physiological and psychological disorder as part of a greater whole and will focus on the relationship between body, mind and spirit to empower individuals to unlock their innate wisdom and potential. Brooke is further guided by a psychodynamic framework meaning within sessions the aim is to bring unconscious elements within one's life into consciousness and often requires an exploration of your past to understand the current impact on the present. Brooke is available for private counselling sessions at MISS FOX.

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