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THE MIND/GUT CONNECTION... Exploring your "Second brain"

Just as the gut has a powerful influence on the brain, the brain also exerts a powerful effect on the microbiome in the gut. Immerse in knowledge and beverages as medical professional Liliana Fanariotis (Registered Nurse) interviews Dylan Smith on the mind/gut axis, plus Q&A with the audience after. 

Perhaps the most exciting research in the field of health today concerns the rich and diverse environment that lines our digestive tract. Diverse colonies of bacteria and the 100 million neurons embedded in the gutwall has recently dubbed the intestinal tract “the Second Brain.” 

A whopping 95% of the serotonin – a major neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and well-being – in the body is manufactured and stored in the gut. Experiences, beliefs and thoughts are being processed not just through our brains – but by the billions of microbes living in our gut.

Interestingly, Ayurveda, an ancient body of knowledge that literally means “the science of life,” maintains that 85% of the body’s overall health depends on the digestive tract. It is the seat of the mind, emotions, physical health and the body’s ability to detoxify.

In this talk, Registered Nurse, Liliana Fanariotis will interview founder of Vital Veda, Dylan Smith, to explore correlations between ancient wisdom and modern science. Dylan will share how these highly influential microbes change based on our diet,lifestyle and state of mind.

Furthermore, learn how learn how to heal and repair your gut and its microbiology with simple yet powerful at-home practices for benefits beyond a comfortable tummy and good digestion. 

For optimal health and longevity, perhaps it’s worth exploring and investing in digestive health…

Includes Vital Veda's new herbal digestive tea formula for you to sip on during the night to further enhance your learning experience.

Dylan will also be offering treatments and consultations at MISS FOX from August 29-30th. For bookings call 1300 MISSFOX. 


The word Ayurveda translates to “the science of life.” It is the earliest system of medicine that teaches us how to live in tune with nature, thus our own human nature. 

Through diet, lifestyle adjustments, herbal medicines and body treatments, this science does not only make one feel healthier, but more importantly relieves the stress and density of the physical, so we have more clarity in mind. From this place, we can tap into our true being, reside in more contentment, and evolutionarily and calmingly flow through life, rather than be paddling upstream. 


Dylan Smith is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant based in Sydney, Australia, where he owns and operates the Vital Veda clinic offering patients consultations, body treatments and detoxification programs. Aimed at uncovering the root cause of ailments, Dylan has a holistic passion to teach patients to effortlessly integrate new habits into their daily life and has a reputation of bestowing deeply nourishing, blissful and healing body treatments that embed a sense of vitality. 

Regularly travelling to South India to train with the Raju family, an internationally reknown family of Ayurvedic doctors, Dylan is devoted to learning, sharing and radiating this ancient knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy, to experience total wellness and bliss.

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