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LOVE + TECH // How technology is affecting our relationships and modern dating

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Technology is evolving. Humans are more connected than ever but have we lost what it means to be human? Are we more comfortable staring at a screen than in to someone’s eyes? In our quest for faster, easier, shinier and technological advancement are we losing our ability to connect with other humans? Does technology add value to our relationships, or deplete them?

When it comes to love, is technology a gateway or a barrier? Join us at MISS FOX for a lively discussion with three varied experts as we ask all of these questions and more.

Your ticket includes a welcome drink, with additional drinks available to purchase before and after this 1 hour panel, as meet and greet the hosts post discussion. Strictly 18+, limited numbers.



Bryony Cole

Bryony is the host and producer of Future of Sex, a podcast and global event series exploring the evolving worlds of sex and tech. Bryony regularly speaks at tech conferences as well as academic institutions about how technology is impacting our sexuality. Recent engagement include Tech Open Air (Germany), OPen Innovation Forum (Russia), Parsons School Of Design (USA), Deakin University, Muru-d, Fuckup Nights, General Assembly (Australia), Empress Capital and Cycles + Sex (USA)




Harvey Hooke

Harvey Hooke is one of the world’s most influential dating and relationship coaches, having personally helped hundreds of people worldwide. Currently based out of Melbourne, his ideas have reached a global scale and are rapidly changing the way people look at their love and their life as a whole. Providing answers where people struggle with them, he started out to address the question “What are men actually thinking?” but now takes that question to the deepest possible level. Harvey has a passion for creating relationships that really matter in people’s lives – relationships that not only fulfil emotionally but allow you to explore the depth of both mind and body.




Dr Mei Ling Doery

Mei is a Physician Strategist, exploring the intersection of innovation, culture and design with the emotional factors that help us make decisions around health and performance.

Later Event: April 10