It takes a special kind of human to work at MISS FOX. This is beyond beauty therapy: this is self care. Our mission is to use self care to help people cultivate a better relationship with themselves, on a mind, body and spirit level, so that they can bring that love and inner beauty out into the world.

We offer a 5 star, luxury experience that is holistic (meaning it takes into account the wellbeing of the whole person) and we have a positive, empowering approach. In fact, we do almost everything "differently" at MISS FOX, with a deep element of love, care and connection.



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For our mission to be successful, our staff need to live and breathe our values, and wake up every day excited to make a contribution to our mission. Working at MISS FOX, you will be called to evolve to your highest potential, as both a therapist and a human being. 

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