These healing spa body treatments include thorough body exfoliation with beautiful mineral scrubs, with optional custom clay masks, scalp treatment and heavenly massage. A perfect treat to yourself or someone else you love, for a pick-me-up or pamper. 


This potent detoxifying body treatment includes a stimulating Pink Himalayan mineral salt exfoliation to clear and clarify, followed by a deeply cleansing aromatic clay body mask to purify and stimulate on a deeper level. Beautifully scented oils and an invigorating scalp massage further assist in this intensive cleansing treatment. Leave feeling cool, refreshed and softened with a neck, back and shoulder massage using an energising and stimulating aromatherapy body oil.

1 hour 30 min $295


This soothing body treatment includes a warming Coconut Sugar body exfoliation to smooth and nourish skin and prepare for a hydrating clay wrap. The white clay body mask hugs, hydrates and heals the skin as you soak in its mineral benefits. De-stress and clear your mind with a beautiful scalp massage using our nourishing hair oil. Cleanse with hot towels or a brisk hot shower. Complete this beautiful journey with an organic camellia seed upper body oil massage to leave skin velvety soft.

1 hour 30 min $295



This beautifully healing salt exfoliation uses mineral-rich Himalayan Pink salts to uplifts and detoxes the body. It assists in eliminating excess fluid, helps boosts circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite, whilst leaving the skin soft and revitalised. A scalp massage using nourishing aromatherapy oils leaves you feeling magically refreshed and cleansed. Complete your exfoliation with a luxurious application of organic camellia seed oil to leave skin glowing and nourished. 

1 hour $240


Deliciously sugary body polish exfoliates and softens skin with a blend of wonderfully beneficial oils and organic Coconut Sugar. Enjoy a warm and nourishing all-over body polish, whilst your scalp enjoys a relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils to bring your body and mind at ease. Complete your exfoliation with a luxurious application of camellia seed oil, leaving your body pampered and hydrated from head to toe.

1 hour $240

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